Bobby's Bistro and Wine Bar

Bobby’s Bistro & Wine Bar, located on the corner of Papaya St. and Poinsettia Ave. on Clearwater Beach, opened in 1994 and set about redefining nouveau, or what some call, California cuisine. For the casual connoisseur, they call it a light approach to the consumption & enjoyment of good food and wines. They offer a gourmet menu with the simplicity of a la carte dining. Whatever your tastes, including vegan and vegetarian, they can accommodate using the freshest ingredients and award-winning wines alongside an extensive menu of gourmet dishes. 

Their Ocean Friendly effort include no Styrofoam, 100% compostable takeout containers, industrially compostable straws only upon request, reusable takeout utensils only upon request, only biodegradable to-go bags and more.