Take Action

Want to make a difference? The easiest way to get started is to join us at one of our events. Check the calendar below to learn about upcoming volunteer volunteer opportunities such as beach cleanups, movie screenings, fundraisers, and public outreach events.




Other Ways to Help

There are five main action groups in Suncoast RAP, each centered around a specific purpose. You can read more about each group below. Joining a group does not require any specific action or time commitment, so feel free to try a few out until you find one that suits you.


Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program

The Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program program certifies and rewards businesses who take certain steps towards becoming ocean friendly. Our OFR team are always on the lookout for likely candidates. They reach out to restaurants to asses their interest, support them with resources and encouragement throughout the transition, and celebrate them once they're certified.

If the OFR program is something that excites you, please get in touch and learn how you can help!



Our research group supports everything we do by helping us source alternatives to single-use plastics, and sourcing the best and latest research on ocean plastics. They're especially vital to the OFB program, as they collect data and pricing for local distributors, and make it available to businesses trying to make the switch.

If you enjoy talking to people, researching, data visualization, or analytics, then this is a great way to make a difference.



This group is for people who are keen on legislative change! Get to know key council members in the Tampa Bay Region and beyond, and help them push us towards a more sustainable future. Work with the research group, and collect important data to help inform city, county, and state decisions. Organize postcard parties, phone banks, letter-writing campaigns, and rallies so the city knows where its citizens stand.


Events & Outreach

An important part of the RAP mission is reaching the general public and educating them about single use plastics. We table at a variety of events in the Tampa Bay area each month, and are always looking to do more. We also support our coalition member's beach cleanups, movie viewings, fundraisers etc.

If you're an out-going sort who loves interacting with the public, then this one's for you.


Communications & Design

This group works wth everyone within Suncoast Rap to make sure we're communicating everything we're doing. They manage our e-mail and social media accounts, drive engagement, do our PR, and get people out to our meetings and events. 

They also make videos, create collateral, and design & brand our initiatives. They're essentially a mini-creative agency within RAP.