Get Plastic straws and polystyrene out of our waterways. 

Saint Petersburg city council is meeting on December 13th to vote on an ordinance that will protect Tampa Bay’s waters from single use plastics pollution.

The World Health Organization estimates there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by mid-century. St. Petersburg city council is considering an ordinance that will:

  1. Expand an existing city ordinance prohibiting the use of expanded polystyrene (e.g. styrofoam) on public property.

  2. Ban businesses from distributing single-use plastic straws, with exemptions for medical necessity.

There will be a one year lead time to allow vendors to run out of their current supplies and modify their purchasing process. If you’d like more details about the ordinance, please click here.

We know city council cares about protecting our waters, but they need to know local business owners and community members support protecting our coasts and oceans too.

This is where YOU come in. You can help in four ways:

  1. Show up and make a public comment at the December 13th City Council meeting, City Hall at 3pm or 6pm. While the council meeting will still begin at 3pm, the full hearing has been scheduled for 6pm. If you'd like to speak and cannot attend at 6pm, you can still attend the 3pm session, but that open forum only lasts 30min (from 3pm - 3:30pm). As each speaker only gets 3 minutes to speak, only 8-10 speakers will have an opportunity at that time. All other speakers will have to wait until 6pm. 

    In order to make a public comment, you will need to fill out a yellow slip and turn it into the clerk. On the slip, you can elect to:

    a. Speak for 3 minutes.
    b. Have your comment read out loud.
    c. Stand and wave in support. 

    Contact us if you'd like help crafting your talking points.

  2. Call city council at 727-893-7117, thank them for considering these ordinances, and state your support.

  3. Email city council at council@stpete.org. Thank them for considering these ordinances, and state your support. 

  4. Share this information with your friends! 

Suncoast Rise Above Plastics Coalition

We are a coalition of 17 organizations who envision a future without coastal and marine debris, a world where we ditch single-use plastics in our daily lives, and a time where we protect the coastlines and oceans we love. We pursue our vision through research, education and engaging citizens, local businesses, and community leaders.


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