The Problem

Researchers estimate there are now over 5,000,000,000,000 (trillion) pieces of plastic in the ocean. Up to 80% of ocean plastic enters the ocean from land. This pollution is impacting our marine life, and humans too—plastic fragments displace plankton at the base of the food chain, and work their way up to our dinner plates.

Plastics are also a major contributor to climate change.  This year, emissions related to plastics will equal the pollution output of nearly 200 coal-fired power plants with a 500-megawatt capacity. Current estimations say this number will reach the equivalent of nearly 300 coal plants in 2030 and over 600 in 2050.


Who we are

We are a coalition of 17 organizations who envision a future without coastal and marine debris, a world where we ditch single-use plastics in our daily lives, and a time where we protect the coastlines, oceans, and climate we love. 

We pursue our vision through research,  advocacy, education, and engaging citizens, local businesses, and community leaders.


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