Action Item - Support SB1014/HB6039


Support SB1014/ HB6039 “Recyclable Materials” & “Auxiliary Containers”. This bill repeals the preemption on local regulation of single-use plastic bags. That means that cities or counties would be free to pass local ordinances to protect their communities from plastic pollution.

The way the legislation works is the bills are referred to Committees. The first committee debates/discusses the bill and if they vote in favor it goes to the next committee and onward ultimately to signature or veto by the Governor. The bill can die in any committee and it’s over. That may happen because the committee votes against the bill or the committee chairperson chooses not to hear it (yes, that can and has happened). The target of our communications should be the representatives and the senators on each committee…and time is of the essence as the Legislative session already started on January 9.


For maximum impact, send 1 email to each Committee (three total emails to the HOUSE). In the subject line write this or similar: 

SUPPORT HB 6039 (2018) Auxiliary Containers, Wrappings, and Disposable Plastic Bags Used by Retail Establishments.

 In the Message say what you want, but remember, less is more. Include your name and address and always be polite and respectful.

Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Careers and Competition Subcommittee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Government Accountability Committee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


 Same as the House Committees, it would be best to send one email to each Committee (three emails) that the bill has been referred to. 

In the subject line write this or similar:

SUPPORT SB 1014 (2018) Recyclable Materials. 

Committee on Rules,,,,,,,,,,,,

Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation,,,,,,,,,

Community Affairs,,,,,,