Action August Recap - there's still time to join a team!



First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Cage Brewing last night. It was amazing to see so many new faces, and to feel the incredible creative energy in the room. Each and every one of you brings something special and exciting to this cause - and we thank you for it!

Below is a quick recap of our Action Teams. If you missed the meeting, were too overwhelmed to figure out whom to join yesterday, or want to join more than one team, have a read through the list and get yourself in touch with us at


The Bagsters

Lead by: Brooke Lee

Perfect for: Crafters and Creatives.

Be part of a super creative team that aims to get reusable bags in the hands of our citizens through upcycling, and any other means possible!


The Ocean Friendly Writers

Lead by: Olivia Mustain and Christian Leon

Perfect for: Writers and Wordsmiths.

This team has two tasks:

  • Develop a Ocean Friendly Business grade sheet that citizens can leave at the businesses they frequent. The grade sheet will allow us to give positive feedback and highlight areas for improvement.
  • Develop a template for our friends and families so they can write online reviews that reward businesses who are doing the right thing, and encourage other businesses to be ocean friendlier.

*Don't worry, we know many of you want to recruit Ocean Friendly Businesses. Come to next month's meeting where we can get you started on that.


The Civic Engagers

Lead by: David Westmark

Perfect for: Activists and Advocators.

Civic engagers will work on some or all of the following items:

  • Visit their city council members in support of the upcoming bag ordinance
  • Call/email/visit to protect St. Pete Beach. An upcoming ordinance allows hotels to sell and allow consumption of alcoholic beverages by guests on the beach, so we want to make sure it doesn’t mean an increase in single-use plastic waste.
  • Visit state legislature in support of Florida Legislature Bag Ban Pilot Program vote.


The Beach Baes

Lead by: Davey J. Connor

Perfect for: Beach Bums and Bay Watchers.

Our Beach Baes will enjoy some fun in the sun while educating the beach-going public about single-use plastics, and organizing and attending beach cleanups.


The Envirogrammers

Lead by: Emer Kelly

Perfect for: Media Moguls and Marketing Mavens.

The Envirogrammers will content-create all over town to build up a one-month reserve of high quality social media imagery to share the story of the work we're doing, educate the public on sustainable living, and build business awareness of our Ocean Friendly Business program.


The $$$

Lead by: Kira Barrera

Perfect for: Grant Writers and Great Beggars.

These rockstars will plan, research, and write an application for a grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.


The Alternators

Lead by: Holly Jaeger

Perfect for: Researchers and Re-usablers

You'll work together to grow our list of alternative materials, and create a glossary of Green Words to help our Ocean Friendly Business outreach team cut through the green clutter to provide helpful alternatives to businesses who want to do the right thing.


The Trail Blazers

Lead by: Kenyon Kowal

Perfect for: Makers and Masons.

You'll be sourcing the materials to make and create our Ocean Friendly Business signage, and then crafting them with your own hands.


That’s it! Let us know which team(s) you’d like to join by e-mailing us at