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Making Conscious Choices

We advocate for change at the state, county, and city-levels, but those changes take time. YOU have the power to effect change today. Your daily habits, your shopping decisions, and your choices in the community are the first line of defense for our coasts and oceans. Read on to see how you can make a difference.


How long does it take to break down?*


*Plastic does not biodegrade*


Consumer-level ways to make a difference

  • Purchase nuts, beans, grains etc. from bulk bins. Use a paper bag, or your own container. Ask your local store if you can bring your empty containers to the checkout before you shop, and ask them to write the weight on it. This is known as the tare weight, and will be deducted from the cost of your goods.
  • Choose loose produce where available. The farmer’s market is a great place for this!
  • Skip the plastic produce bags. Let ‘em roll free, or bring your own, reusable bag.
  • Bring your own bags to shop. If you've forgotten them, request paper. Some stores hide them behind the checkout. If you're heading directly to your car, consider whether or not your groceries need to be double bagged. Many stores do this automatically, but you can ask them not to.
  • Switch to powdered laundry and dish detergents. 
  • Purchase certified compostable waste bags, sandwich bags, and cling wrap, and re-use when possible.
  • Bring your own container for deli food, and leftovers. Bring your own cup for coffee.
  • Purchase a re-usable utensil kit and keep it in your purse for eating on the go.
  • Request no straws/utensils/bags whenever feasible.
  • If you require a straw, consider purchasing a re-usable one. This straw folds up to fit on your keychain, and has a soft tip to prevent injury to the mouth. It comes with a special insert for easy cleaning.
  • Collect plastic films and bags from the products you purchase, and take them to a local collection point.
  • Support businesses that offer sustainable products/packaging. You can support them by frequenting them, and also by posting positive reviews online, lauding their efforts.