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July DIY Cleanup


July 2019 – Be the Change, Sea the Change – Coastal Cleanup

Coalition Partner Tampa Bay Watch are organizing a DIY “Do it yourself” Coastal Cleanup! We want to encourage YOU to hit those places in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD where you’ve noticed sadly forgotten or misplaced trash. We welcome everyone in the Tampa Bay region to participate. Please help spread the word by inviting your friends and family to join!

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How will we know when and where you clean up? Your cleanup efforts can take place on any day within the month of July. On June 30th, we will send all registered volunteers a link. This link will open a survey created by Tampa Bay Watch on any smartphone or tablet device. You and your group will fill out the short survey during your cleanup, click submit and the data will be sent directly to Tampa Bay Watch.

A big thank you to our funders, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, for their continued support and making this cleanup month possible!

Cleanup Instructions:

*Your safety is most important to us! Please do NOT put yourself at risk for any reason.


  1. Choose a safe & public site that needs some TLC

  2. Gather supplies, your phone & a buddy on whatever day works best for you in the month of July

Once at cleanup site

  1. Open the link contained in the email we’ll send you on 6/30

  2. Before cleaning up, fill in all information up to the “Debris Assessment” section

  3. Start cleaning up!

  4. Once you’re done, fill in the rest of the survey and submit!

  5. Make sure your trash bags make it to a proper trash receptacle

  6. Treat Yo’ Self for making a difference 

Recommended Cleanup Supplies:

You may have most of these items around your house

  1. Reflective vest or bright colored clothing

  2. Trash Bags (sustainable tip: visit your local brewery and ask for some empty grain bags)

  3. Latex or gardening gloves *don’t touch anything*

  4. Trash picker/grabber *don’t touch anything*

  5. Luggage scale for weighing trash collected (workout tip for those without a luggage scale: break out your dusty dumbbell set for a few 10 lb. curls prior to cleanup so that weight is fresh in your mind)

  6. Water (sustainable tip: ditch the plastic water bottles – bring your reusable water bottle)

  7. Sunscreen

  8. Bug spray

  9. Hand sanitizer

*We want everyone to be able to participate this July so if you need cleanup supplies we encourage you to borrow from Tampa Bay Watch!   

For more information on borrowing cleanup supplies, email Melanie ( a minimum of two weeks before your anticipated cleanup date. Include name, list of needed supplies, and two date options to pick-up the supplies.