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Single-Use Plastics: City Council Vote!

  • Saint Petersburg City Council 175 5th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida (map)
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If you are planning on speaking at the public hearing for the ordinance, please note that the full speaking session will not commence until 6pm. 

While the council meeting will still begin at 3pm, the full hearing has been scheduled for 6pm. If you'd like to speak and cannot attend at 6pm, you can still attend the 3pm session, but that open forum only lasts 30min (from 3pm - 3:30pm). As each speaker only gets 3 minutes to speak, only 8-10 speakers will have an opportunity at that time. All other speakers will have to wait until 6pm. 

In order to make a public comment, you will need to fill out a yellow slip and turn it into the clerk. On the slip, you can elect to:
1. Speak for 3 minutes.
2. Have your comment read out loud.
3. Stand and wave in support. 

We thank you for making the effort to come before council and show your support! 

St Pete City Council will decide on two ordinances:

1. Single-Use Plastic Straw Ban
- a YES vote would ban businesses/restaurants in the City from distributing straws, starting one year from vote
- exception for medical necessity

2. Polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) Ban on Public Property
- a YES vote would ban polystyrene on public property (City buildings, City parks, sidewalk cafes, etc.)
- the state of Florida does not allow bans on polystyrene except on City-owned property, so the City will lead by example
- the hope is that private businesses will also transition away from polystyrene


CALL Council Members and let them know you SUPPORT these two ordinances: 727-893-7117.

EMAIL Council Members and let them know you SUPPORT these two ordinances: (copy

ATTEND the Council meeting and speak in SUPPORT of the ordinances: 3 minutes max, you don't have to use the whole time. Message or email us and let us know you're speaking so we can keep track.

REACH OUT to a SUPPORTIVE St Pete business and ask them to do all of the above as well. Council Members need to hear from our supportive business community on this.

INVITE your friends to join you in this effort!